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Clinical Forensic Psychology (CFP) Associates, LLC, is a full-service clinical and forensic assessment and training corporation.  Through its association with other professionals in the fields of law enforcement training, criminal investigations, mental health, and sports psychology, CFP Associates offers decades of practical, hands-on experience with advanced and up-to-date education and training within the criminal justice and the mental health systems.

CFP Associates promotes a comprehensive and cohesive approach to clinical and forensic psychology.  The human person consists of biological, psychological, environmental and spiritual components.  In order to understand human behavior, in both clinical and forensic settings, each of these factors must be taken into consideration.  Law enforcement training, sports psychology, performance enhancement, comprehensive crime scene evaluation, interview strategies all have one basic element in common: they involve human dynamics.  

The philosophy at CFP Associates is that in order to understand human behavior (whether it involves adult education/training, martial arts performance or interview strategies) one must examine these activities within a bio/psycho/social/spiritual context.  If anyone of these components is missing, a complete and full understanding of the person within a particular context cannot be attained.  Human behavior is complex, dynamic and interactive. 

Because human performance is complex, dynamic and interactive, multiple disciplines and perspectives are necessary to uncover the meaning and understanding of these behaviors.  CFP Associates utilizes various experts in related fields to assist in assessments, training and investigations.  Each contract is individualized and fits the ever-changing needs of the client or patient.  Further, individual assessment and on-going evaluation are a part of all programs devised by CFP Associates.

CFP Associates is guided by and its actions are consistent with the ethical principles of the American Psychological Association.


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